WA SummerCon, Hellbound Slant 6 #4, and I Finally Get COVID

So as not to “bury the lede,” yes, I got Covid – more about that after I talk about my experience at WA Summer Con. Here goes! Washington Summer Con 22 was my most successful con experience since I started doing these in earnest last year with Summer Con Again in August ’21. At thatContinue reading “WA SummerCon, Hellbound Slant 6 #4, and I Finally Get COVID”

Post-Crypt ’22

Wow. As usual, Crypticon was a whirlwind of spooktacular gothiness and boozy overindulgence. It was an epic weekend. Every day was wonderful, so here’s kind of a run down of the weekend as it played out for me. FRIDAY – Arrival and setup went smooth. Sabrina showed up and kicked it at the booth forContinue reading “Post-Crypt ’22”