I like to draw. Mostly I draw traditional Western Comic Book at, but I’ll dive into other things now and then.

I’m not super active on http://instagram.com/kenzofkc or Deviant Art – deviantart.com/aithen , but you can see a collection of my art at those links. The DeviantArt goes back all the way to 2002, and some of the art is older than that.

A Procreate time lapse collection –

HELLBOUND SLANT 6 – A Heavy Metal Hot-Rod Horror Comic Issues #1 and #2 are free to read on GlobalComix.

Hellbound Slant 6 is a hot rod heavy metal horror comic about a young woman battling demons in Hell. Pure grindhouse pulp horror. I’ve been dreaming about bringing this comic to life for 20 years! Check it out, and help me bring it to life! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kenzofkc/hellbound-slant-6-1https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kenzofkc/hellbound-slant-6-1/widget/video.html

The story of Hellbound Slant 6 starts some time in 1996 with my very first car – a dingy brown Plymouth Duster with a 225 Slant 6 engine. I loved that car, and replacing ballast resistors was almost a monthly occurrence. My aunt JoAnn had the car, and gave me a sweetheart deal on it – $200. I remember her telling me about the Slant 6 engine, a motor legendary for its endurance. She said “You could drive it to Hell and back,” and that’s the seed that blossomed into what finally became “Hellbound Slant 6.” I was 19 when I wrote and drew the first issue, calling it “To Hell and Back.” That name sort of gives too much away, and I was always looking for a better one. I don’t think “Hellbound Slant 6” is necessarily *better,* but it will have to do, and I like it. The story started with Danielle leaving her job as a roadie for a heavy metal tour, and “going home.”

After completing the pencils for issue #1 between 1997 and 1999, I started writing the next issues, and completed #2 and #3 in short order. My writing took the form of “thumbnail” sketches of each page. By the time I got to #4, I didn’t really know where the story was going, or how to resolve it. I returned to the story wistfully every few years, and my drawing skill improved, computer coloring became more accessible, and finally, drawing on an iPad changed the game completely.

I’ve finally figured out how the story pieces all click together, and how to make Danielle’s journey into Hell (and back) a satisfying adventure. I’ve started drawing the second issue, and I’m excited to finally get this story out of the ether of my consciousness and into the physical reality we all share.

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