Enter the Mind Dungeon is GenCon 2021’s BEST GAMER FILM

A few years ago, the co-creator of Dead Drift and I were kicking around an idea about a group of gamers in therapy for tabletop roleplaying game addiction. In the winter of 18/19, we fleshed out the concept and drafted a feature-length screenplay. In the summer/fall of 2019 we started shooting material for a “Proof of Concept,” film, a short film we would use to pitch the idea and raise financing to shoot the feature film. We finished shooting our proof of concept material in January 2020, and the wheels were in motion to launch a crowdfunding campaign and shoot the film summer 2020.

Then in March of 2020, the world changed. You know what happened.

All but dead, imagine my delight when our short proof of concept film won BEST GAMER FILM at GenCon 2021. Maybe there’s some life left in this project after all. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, you can check out individual character clips from Enter the Mind Dungeon at the website – https://entertheminddungeon.com

Published by KenzoFKC

I'm a geek who likes to make stuff, writing, drawing, movies, woodworking, and I like to think I'm pretty evolved for a carnivorous primate.

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