I’m Ken. I’m a dork who likes to make stuff. When not preserving the historic structures of Washington State’s Capitol Campus I make movies, write novels, draw comic books, play guitar, build things with my hands, play D&D, drink booze and contemplate the futility of existence. From the ether of my imagination to the digital or physical world, come take a peek inside my head!

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“Freedom of choice is made FOR YOU…” “Hammer of Justice crushes you…” “I hunger after independence, lengthen freedom’s ring.” I don’t really know what to say. The decision of SCOTUS is that women do not have full bodily autonomy in 2022. The decision is that women are less than human. It’s repugnant. I hope theContinue reading “Justice”

Post-Crypt ’22

Wow. As usual, Crypticon was a whirlwind of spooktacular gothiness and boozy overindulgence. It was an epic weekend. Every day was wonderful, so here’s kind of a run down of the weekend as it played out for me. FRIDAY – Arrival and setup went smooth. Sabrina showed up and kicked it at the booth forContinue reading “Post-Crypt ’22”

About Me

I live with my wonderful wife and our feisty Jack Russell Terrorist in Tumwater, Washington. Making things is the only way I’ve found to keep the existential dread of an inconsequential existence at bay, so I make stuff as often as possible! Hit me up if you want to talk about anything like life, mortality, comic books, or whatever!

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