Roscoe the Junkyard Cat

After a year in the dark world of Penny Palabras, I was ready for something lighter. Many years previous, Travis Blood, a couple of the guys from Mutually Assured Productions, and myself came up with the concept of a talking junkyard cat and his adventures. I proposed tackling the pilot episode as a much-needed comic relief from Penny’s darkness. It was agreed, and we forged ahead and shot the pilot episode of Roscoe the Junkyard Cat. Roscoe is free to watch on youtube.

The main production team from Penny Palabras stayed intact for Roscoe, with Sean Driscoll, Travis Blood, Sabrina Rose, and myself heading things up. We enlisted the aid of Martin Diaz-Munoz as our director of photography, James Clark as Brodog, Tabitha Bastien as Brytknee, Bill Read Jr as Marcus, and many others. The team involved in Roscoe set the stage for the next project, Enter the Mind Dungeon.

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