Enter the Mind Dungeon

Update: Enter the Mind Dungeon is Gen Con 2021’s “BEST GAMER FILM.” You’re damn right it is!

We finished shooting Roscoe the Junkyard Cat in the Winter of 2018, and the project was edited and started its festival run in the Spring of 2019. Around the same time Matty (Captain Banks from Dead Drift) and I were refining the script to Enter the Mind Dungeon, a mockumentary about adults addicted to playing Dungeons and Dragons. This time, the goal was to create a “proof-of-concept” that would be used to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Here are some clips from our proof of concept work, highlighting the different characters in the movie.

Everything was going well. We started shooting our character profiles in the Summer of 2019, and finished the last one in January 2020. We were gearing up for the crowdfunding campaign, to raise $30,000 to shoot this movie. WOW! The biggest budget of any project I’ve ever done! This was going to be HUGE! We were booking our venues, blocking shooting dates in the summer, and the Mind Dungeon train was full steam ahead.
Then, well. You all know what happened. COVID19. Global pandemic/quarantine, etc. The possibility of shooting Enter the Mind Dungeon in 2020 closed. There was talk of shifting things into 2021, but it’s still so unclear on when things will be back to “normal,” if ever. For now, Mind Dungeon is not proceeding as the feature film that was planned. There are rumblings of utilizing the proof of concept material we shot as a short film, but it looks like the feature film concept is on permanent hold. Which is a damn shame, because I think the script is an amazing collaboration between Matty and myself, it’s hilarious, and I REALLY wanted this thing to happen. Our cast was a stellar group of actors, and our crew was legit. Oh well. It’s 2021 now, and we’re all on to other things. What’s next?

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