Runner, Dead Drift, Superspice

In January 2012, a friend and I got wind that Seattle hip-hop duo The Blue Scholars were hosting a short film contest. A good friend and I were fans of their music, so we decided to collaborate on a project. Time was scarce, we had a tight deadline, so we spent several weeks conceptualizing and planning to get everything right. We would have two days to shoot, and two days to edit. Our first shooting day was in Seattle, we started just after sunrise in Gasworks Park, and wrapped in Georgetown as the sun was beginning to set. It was a jam-packed day in the cold, but I love everything we got. The next day we shot the interior store sequence, and the garage interior scene, both in Olympia. My friend and I worked very closely on every aspect of this one. I’m still tremendously proud of this short film, and consider it to be one of the best things I’ve made.

My friend approached me with a skit about a dying man’s journal entries as he descended into madness aboard an aimlessly drifting space ship. A metaphor for life, no? He asked if I was interested in filming it, and I loved the idea, so we set up a simple green screen and shot Captain Banks journal descent into madness. During the shoot, we created the character of Morris, and liked the addition so much that we shot Morris’ scenes the next day. Thus Dead Drift was born.

Little did I know, this was the birth of a project that would consume the next four years of my life. More on that under the Dead Drift page.

Superspice was the second and last 72 Hour Film Challenge I will ever do. We conceptualized, wrote, shot, and cut this film in under 72 hours, and I’m not interested in doing that ever again.

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