Hellbound Slant 6 #4 August Update

Alrighty, it’s been about a month or more since I posted anything. It’s been a tumultuous and busy month, so progress on Hellbound Slant 6 #4 has been slow – but there has been progress! However, I’ve only finished 4 pages in that time, which is too damn slow, and if I keep that pace, I will not finish the book before the end of the year. Because Hellbound Slant 6 #4 is about 50 pages, I can split the book in 2, then call it a FIVE issue series instead of a FOUR issue series. I’ve been saying it will be FOUR issues from the get-go, so I’m kind of remiss to change course now. On the other hand, I often opine that an unwillingness to change course based on new information or circumstances is not the sign of strength that some people think it is. Quite the opposite. Adaptability is strength. Rigid adherence to a previously stated position is not. Now I’m rambling. I am not declaring here and now that I’m changing course and making Hellbound Slant 6 a FIVE issue series instead of FOUR. I’m declaring here and now that I want to know what YOU, the loyal reader, thinks.

So here’s the question – should I keep plugging away on the FOUR issue concept? Or make Hellbound Slant 6 FIVE issues instead? There is a perfect break point in the story at page 25, so I don’t think it harms the pacing or storytelling. Here are the main differences – If FIVE, then issue #4 will be done in time for Halloween and, maybe even the Grit City Comic Show. If I stay the course with FOUR issues, it is entirely possible I don’t finish the comic this year. Yuck. Gosh, when I lay it out like that, it kind of feels like I answered my own question. Still, faithful readers, (all two of you) I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Which should it be? FOUR issues or FIVE?

I’m also at the point where it’s difficult to showcase any of the recent pages because they’re all quite spoiler-heavy. Even so, I’ll drop a couple teaser panels here for funsies. Thank you!

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